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13 min • Fiction (หนังฟิคชั่น) • Philippines • No dialogue (ไม่มีบทพูด)

ผู้กำกับภาพยนตร์ฉายภาพความฝันของผู้เป็นแม่ เด็กน้อย กระบือ ชาวนา และความฝันของเขาเอง

A filmmaker projects the dream of a mother, a child, a carabao, a farmer and his own dream.


Director's headshot

Hans Piozon

A Filipino student-filmmaker born in the province of Bulacan and currently based in Manila. In 2018, he directed his first short experimental film THE SMELL OF EARTH’S BREATH as supported by an environmental organization in the Philippines. He developed his feature length film at the Cinemalaya Institute’s Scriptwriting workshop under Ricky Lee. His second film, AN EIDOLON NAMED NIGHT was featured at the Pelikultura Film Festival under the exhibition category. In 2021, the filmmaker instituted Pothos Collective, a film collective compiled of local short filmmakers where their projects focused on novel and emancipatory approaches to filmmaking.


Director: Hans Piozon • Writer: Hans Piozon • Director of Photographer: Rocky Morilla • Editor: Hans Piozon • Production Designer: Hans Piozon • Sound Designer: Hans Piozon • Cast: Faith Morilla, Drazen Pingol, Jave Michael Morilla, Fantasia, Hans Pizon

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