Changing Climate, Changing Lives (CCCL) Film Festival is a platform for youth to tell stories about climate change through short films to empower and support young filmmakers to develop and hone their climate filmmaking skills to highlight climate change impacts on communities and innovative initiatives to fight climate change. Through the power of films showing the next generation’s perspectives who will have to live with the consequences of climate change, CCCL is a bridge that connects the voices of communities to the larger society and policymakers.

Why’s climate change?

Changing Climate, Changing Lives Film Festival Project was conceived to respond to the pressing need to raise awareness among the Thai public on the worsening impact of climate change in Thailand. Thailand was identified by the IPCC (2015) as one of the 16 countries facing “extreme risks” of climate change within the next three decades. 


Although Thai media have begun reporting more on climate-related issues, in particular increasingly frequent and more severe droughts, floods, wildfires, and air pollution in recent years, these issues tend to be generally presented as natural disasters, not climate change impact. Hence, the awareness and understanding of climate change as a serious, long-term threat among the Thai public remains limited. The CCCL Film Festival aims to use the visual medium of film to increase the awareness among the people in Thailand about the impact of climate change, to fill the gap in public knowledge, and to inspire potential actors in private, public, and civil society sectors to support the affected local communities at the policy and local implementation levels. 

CCCL Mission 

  • Continue with the annual short film competition and support aspiring young filmmakers with filmmaking grants and the new mentorship program.

  • Step up youth and community engagement activities in Thailand and Southeast Asia: climate change and climate film conversations, film tours, workshops & talks.

  • Be a destination for Thai and Southeast Asian filmmakers to showcase their works and express their voices on climate change.

Achievements in the first year (2020) 

  • CCCL Film Festival was established as the first film festival in Thailand that focuses specifically on the visualization of the impact through the personal stories of those experiencing the effects of climate change.

  • Youth target reached: 201 film proposals in film production grant competition, 180 entries in the short-film competition. Over 90% were under the age of 26.

  • Twelve film production grants (THB 25,000 per project) were given to young professional and professional filmmakers in 2020.

  • Thirteen short films in various genres were selected as CCCL 2020 award-winning films.


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2nd Changing Climate, Changing Lives Film Festival – Call for Entry 2021

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