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CCCL Film Grants 2022

CCCL Film Festival offers film production grants to aspiring filmmakers. The program is to identify new talents with exciting ideas on films about climate change impact and innovative initiatives in Thailand.

Film projects developed and produced through this program will be considered for screening at the CCCL's annual festival. Only selected films will be eligible for the awards by the same panel of judges in the short film competition based on merit.


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Submission is now closed.
Details for the open call for the 2023 CCCL Film Grants will be announced in March 2023.


CCCL Film Festival offers film production grants to emerging Thai filmmakers. The program aims to identify and nurture new talent who present exciting ideas on a film about climate change impacts, adaptation, mitigation, and sustainability.

With climate change impacts posing more challenges to habitat, health, agriculture, and employment, we wish to encourage Thai youth and others to raise awareness about climate change issues through the power of film. We are seeking powerful storytellers who can visualize the impact of climate change on the environment and on our lives in creative and provocative ways. The CCCL Film Festival will provide financial and technical assistance for filmmakers in making short films (up to 15 minutes long).  Each selected project (up to 5 projects) will receive a grant up to THB 30,000.


Ideal projects are those with a fresh voice, vision, and point of view telling stories about climate change in an unprecedented way. Please keep in mind that your project should be written with potential COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

The Climate Change story refers to stories about drought, extreme heat, floods, landslides, sea rise level, storm surges in coastal areas, loss of biodiversity (due to various factors, mainly deforestation, urbanization), and extreme weather events. If you have any questions or would like to consult about your project(s), please contact us via email at


CCCL Film Festival remains the sole right to determine which submitted projects would be chosen. You will also commit upon receiving grants to use them to make the film you proposed. Any substantial changes in story, setting, theme, or style must receive prior approval from CCCL Film Festival.


The Film Grants are open to filmmakers of Thai nationality or members of ethnic minorities or foreign residents who may not have Thai nationality. There is no age requirement for the film grants. Applicants may be an individual or a team, but only one member may apply on behalf of the team for the program. Young filmmakers in ethnic minority communities or rural areas affected by climate change are highly encouraged to apply.


Accepted applicants must commit to attending mandatory online seminars, CCCL events and following the CCCL’s guidelines.




1) Please prepare the following information:

  1. Synopsis  (if the project is a documentary, please submit a project proposal explaining your idea/story and how you’ll achieve the idea)

  2. Budget plan: tell us your plan for the grant (the participant must breakdown the project's budget)

  3. Visual references: a basic storyboard of your film (these could be references from existing films, music videos or other types of media which communicate the intended direction of the project)

  4. Director’s statement: what do you want your audience to take away from watching the film (explain your vision and idea of your story)

  5. Director bio(s)

  6. A sample of previous work. The material submitted should be maximum of 15 minutes in length. It can either be a short film under 15 minutes or an excerpt from your films. We do not accept a showreel. 


If you don’t have the previous work, please explain your interest in film, and give examples of 2-3 films that you like. Identify the features of the film that created impacts and explain why. 


2) After that, fill out the application form on Google Forms

3) The deadline to submit a project proposal(s) to the CCCL Film Grant Program is April 22, 2022, at 11.59 PM (GMT+7). Applications received after this date and time will be ineligible.


Selected grantees will be notified of their acceptance in May via email.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between the Film Grant Program and the Film Competition?

The Film Grant Program is a program that anyone can submit their project proposal(s) to the festival. Selected projects will be received grants to help cover the film production expense. The fact you’ve received a grant doesn’t necessarily mean you will be among the winners chosen for the Film Festival. The Film Competition is for films selected by independent judges and will be screened at the CCCL Film Festival held in the CCCL's annual festival. Only selected films are eligible to compete for the grand prize. The open call for the 2023 CCCL Film Festival opens on June 1, 2022.


2) If my project is selected for the Film Grant Program, would it be eligible for the Film Competition Prize?

Yes. Although being selected in the Film Grant Program doesn’t mean you’re selected in the Film Competition, the project produced in the Film Grant Program will be still considered for the Film Competition. If your film is selected for the film competition, you will be up against other selected films for the grand prize.


3) I don’t have previous work, would it affect my application?

Yes. We ask for the applicant's previous work to help us determine whether we should be giving a grant to the applicant. However, we give a priority to projects that have an outstanding story and vision that engages our attention and heart. We understand that not everyone has worked on film projects before, and this should not stop you from making a film. Every filmmaker started with a first film. Let our festival be the place where you start. We encourage experienced filmmakers and novices. Everyone eligible to submit their film project.


4) Can I submit more than one project?

Yes, the applicants can submit more than one project. But only one project from the applicant will receive the grant.


5) If my project isn’t selected for the Film Grant Program, it means my chance to win the Film Competition prize is zero?

 No. Even if you don’t win a grant, it doesn’t mean that your project is bad. CCCL Film Festival can give a grant to a few projects based on a proposal. Not getting one should not deter you from going ahead with your idea.


6) I am older than 21 years old. Can I attend a mentorship program?

We are working to provide mentorship to all grantees. At this moment, it’s reserved for filmmakers under 21 years old or individuals who don't have experience in making a film.

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