CCCL Student Ambassadors


Supporting new and young talents is our main focus of the CCCL Film Festival. We acknowledge the importance of the new generation of filmmakers and artists. 


CCCL Student ambassadors (SAs) is a program designed for youth artists. The program provides advice and supports to young artists during the process of producing a creative artwork that spotlights the climate change impacts. The complete projects will be featured on CCCL's social media platforms and through networks of CCCL's partners.

Student Ambassadors also serve in a youth jury in the CCCL Film Competition. Their role is to identify pre-selected projects with a strong execution, an intelligent approach, powerful stories and direction, effective writing and originality. CCCL will provide guidelines on film judging process.

Apply to the Program [Submission is now closed]

CCCL Student Ambassadors is a new experimental program. The basic idea is for young Thais to help in reaching other young Thais with message-relevant climate change themes. 


A pilot program means that we encourage fresh, original ideas, the visualization of the idea, and test what works best on which social media platform.


CCCL will give advice and technical support to our student ambassadors (SA) in creating any kind of creative work. CCCL would upload the finished work on social media. The SA would be given a credit on the work. The SA is a volunteer. If there are expenses, CCCL would request advance notice and would have a budget for certain limited expenses.


CCCL Student Ambassadors will also serve as a youth jury for the 2021 CCCL Film Festival.