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Changing Climate, Changing Lives (CCCL) Film Festival is the first film festival on climate change in Thailand bringing young and diverse artists, environmental professionals, and audiences together to celebrate films about climate change and empower local communities.


This year's festival will take place in Bangkok and selected cities throughout Thailand in February 2025, comprising of film screenings and talks.

Filmmakers based in Asia are invited to submit fiction, documentary, experimental, and animated short films. All films selected will be eligible for Jury Awards in documentary and non-documentary categories as well as special awards, including the Youth Jury Award, the Audience Award, and the Young Filmmaker Award for filmmakers under 25 years old.


The deadline for submissions is

October 15, 2024, at 11.59 PM (PST)

Submission is free of charge.

For films produced in Thailand only

For films produced in Asia



  1. Short films must tell a story related to the climate crisis (such as climate change impacts on lives and communities, how people handle climate challenges, and innovative approaches to climate adaptation or mitigation). The story may focus on a particular geographical region or community or may be a broad theme or deep dive into a particular topic or sector. Storytelling should be creative, authoritative, or provocative.

  2. The total length of the film must be under 15 minutes (inclusive of the title sequence and closing credits)

  3. Submission is open to short films of any genre (e.g., documentary, fiction, experimental, animation).

  4. Only short films produced by filmmakers based in Asian countries are accepted. Any film in a language other than standard Thai must provide English or Thai subtitles.

  5. We accept previously submitted films. However, films must be produced after June 1, 2022.


Main Award

Judged by film critics, filmmakers, and environmental academics, the CCCL Short Film Competition is divided into two categories:

  1. Documentary Category​​​​

  2. Non-Documentary Category


Grand Jury Prize: the winning film receives THB 50,000

Jury Prize: the winning film receives THB 30,000

Special Mention: the film receives THB 20,000


Special Prizes

1. Youth Jury Award (20,000 THB)

This award is judged by youth representatives. It's reserved for films produced by young filmmakers who is 25 years old and under.

2. Audience Choice Award (10,000 THB)

This award is judged by the festival audience.

3. Young Filmmaker Award (20,000 THB)

This award is for a filmmaker who is 25 years old and under.



  1. The first round of selection will be determined by CCCL. Ideal projects are those with a fresh voice, vision, and point of view telling impactful stories about climate change. The films selected in this round will be screened at the 5th CCCL Film Festival in February 2025.

  2. Award winners will be announced at the award ceremony during the festival. Films in the main competition will be judged by a panel of a film critic, a filmmaker, and an environmental expert. The Special Prizes will be judged by different groups of jury depending on the category.


  1. By submitting the film, you as Licensor represent to Tonkla Rak Lok Foundation, a Thai foundation registered under the laws of Thailand (“Licensee”), which owns the CCCL Film Festival (the “Festival), that in making the film and in submitting the film for the Festival competition that the Licensor has not violated or infringed upon the Intellectual Property rights of any third party. The Licensor represents that they are the sole lawful owner of the unencumbered Intellectual Property rights in the film the submitted film.

  2. The Licensor further represents that all necessary permissions and consents have been obtained and that the images, stills or video used or for all necessary other material used in the submitted film. Licensor retains the exclusive and sole responsibility for any loss or expense, and will indemnify the Licensee for all losses or expenses incurred, in any claim, proceedings or actions brought by any third parties in connection with a copyright or other Intellectual Property violation.

  3. Licensor is responsible for delivering to the Festival a screener or preview link to your submitted film and you will maintain the Festival’s access to your film until January 15, 2025. After that date, the Licensee may maintain a link to your film in the Festival’s online film library.

  4. You may submit to the Licensee a work-in-progress or rough-cut version of your film. However, to prevent avoid any misunderstanding, as to the status of your submission, we recommend you work on your project until it’s ready to submit and submit the final cut by the announced due date for submissions.

  5. The Festival is unable to provide criticism, advice or feedback regarding your film. If your film is selected for inclusion, the Licensor is required to deliver a film file and all promotional materials in a form as requested by the Festival.

  6. The Licensor agrees that its film if selected for the Festival comes with an irrevocable license to the Tonkla Rak Lok Foundation, as licensee to use, and distribute and/or reproduce to third parties, any material in the film for the following purposes: CCCL film archive library, short clips, posters, stills, bios and photos and statements from the Licensor and their production team. The license extends to all promotional, marketing, or educational distribution purposes. Tonkla Rak Lok may sublicense the submitted film for purposes of distribution to other licensees for competition and for non-commercial use by CCCL partners and sponsors.

  7. The festival, on behalf of the Licensee, will notify the Licensor of a sublicense granted to a third party. Provided, however, sublicense rights during the period of the copyright allow the Licensee to use of your film for purposes of submitting to other film festivals, CCCL film tour events, fund-raising, community showings, and educational events that may be held after the annual Festival.

  8. The Licensee reserves the right to change any provisions announced set forth in this License Agreement without prior notice, and any such change shall bind the Licensor upon the sending of notice of the change to it.

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