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CCCL Film Festival organizes an annual festival with an annual short film competition to show case climate short films with the themes of climate change from around the world, as well as activities all year round to expand outreach to youth and communities, and to support capacity development of young filmmakers in Southeast Asia. 



  1. Annual Film Festival (flagship event in Bangkok)

  • Annual short film competition for Asian filmmakers (multiple Jury awards and Youth Jury awards in documentary and non-documentary categories) 

  • In-competition and out-of-competition short film screenings 

  • Feature film screenings

  • Talk events

  • Community screenings in Thai provinces following the flagship festival in Bangkok (contact us, if you are interested in becoming our community screening partner, in or outside of Thailand) 

2. Financial and technical support for filmmakers 

  • Film Grants for Southeast Asian filmmakers (film production support given on a selective basis, upto USD1,000/project) 

  • English and local language subtitles for films screened at CCCL Film Festival 

  • Connecting additional technical and financial resources for film projects 

  • Capacity development for filmmakers 

  • Online climate talks - ‘Ask the Experts’ about climate change issues and filmmaking  

  • Script-to-screen mentorship for young filmmakers 

  • Climate filmmaking workshops (Key programs: CCCL Panorama, primarily funded by US Embassy; Climate Shortcuts planned for late 2024) 

3. Community Outreach in Thailand and Southeast Asia  

  • Film tours

  • Community screenings through local partners 

  • Student Ambassadors Program (support for young artists aged under 18 years to create artwork about climate change in any form)

  • School/university tours (to be implemented in 2024) 

4. Distribution

  • Submissions of selected CCCL short films to international film festivals

  • Sales of CCCL-supported short flms to media networks and streaming platforms 

  • CCCL Library (online inventory of selected short films screened at CCCL Film Festival or funded by CCCL Film Grants, and video records of CCCL talk events; the short films and videos are available for viewing free for educational purposes

More about CCCL mission, accomplishments and milestones here.

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