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CCCL Film Festival Announced 38 Climate Films Set To Screen at Alliance Française Bangkok

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Changing Climate Changing Lives (CCCL) Film Festival organizes the 3rd annual CCCL Film Festival, taking place on February 18-19, 2023 at the Alliance Française Bangkok. This year’s film festival will spotlight 38 groundbreaking films about climate change selected from 11 countries. Of the 38 titles, 21 short films are from Thailand, 16 films represent Asian countries and 1 feature film. The lineup includes the 95th Academy Award® nominated short film Haulout (2022) directed by Maxim Chakilev and Evgenia Arbugaeva, Watch the Fire or Burn Inside It (2022) directed by Janathan Vinel and Caroline Poggi, and a feature documentary The Magnitude of All Things (2020) directed by Jennifer Abbott.

In addition to the film screening, all attendees will be able to experience the art exhibition showcasing artworks from emerging young artists from different regions of Thailand and a panel discussion on climate storying combining young artists, professional artists, climate advocacy organizations and climate experts.

The 2023 CCCL Film Festival will take place from February 18-19, 2023 at Alliance Française Bangkok and from February 20-26, 2023 in Nan, Chiang Rai, Phayao, Udon Thani, Songkhla and Pattani. Free registration will be open on February 7, 2023 at




DIR. Bauddhayan Mukherji

Through a light-hearted yet powerful film, Bin Boy brings the responsibility of waste segregation to everyone’s doorsteps, literally. The film revolves around a young boy who takes a stand, by sitting in his trash-filled dustbin.


DIR. Rajesh Daniel The Chindwin River, the biggest tributary of the Ayeyarwady River, is crucial to the lives and livelihoods of about six million people who depend on the Chindwin’s ecosystems for fuel, food, and medicinal plants and the rhythms of the river’s seasonal floods for fishing and riverbank gardens. Along with a changing climate, economic development such as mining has resulted in environmental degradation. Filmed for over 2 years during 2018-2020, this film gives the perspectives of the people living in the basin who talk about the changes to their lives and livelihoods.

DEAR KHRAI, FROM NOWHERE (ไคร้เจ้าอยู่ไส)

DIR. Kittikhun Seniwong Na Ayutthaya 'A thousand rocks, a hundred thousand Khrai' is found in Sangkhom district, Nong Khai province. Khrai (water willows) and the Mekong river have been bringing happiness, abundance of food and ecosystem stability to people’s lives here for a long time. Recently everything has irreversibly changed when Khrai, queen of the river disappeared.


DIR. Salih Özderya The film tells a story of a little boy living in a small and quiet mountain village, where he encounters something that will change the community.

FALLENCITY (เมืองล่ม)

DIR. Naphat Khunlam There's a myth about this city... There's a myth about this city... There's a myth about this city...

FINDING THE SPIRIT OF BER BLA TU (ค้นหาจิตวิญญาณเบ๊อะบละตู)

DIRS. Supachai Semakeereekun, Ratcha Satitsongtham, Amnuay Suesangserm, สุวิทย์ อุดมรักพันธ์พง Suwit Udomrakphanpong (กลุ่ม R2S) Ber Bla Tu is a Pgaz K'Nyau village in Tak. The villagers' way of life and their traditional circular farming are being threatened by the government's forest management policy. Even if food security and life security should be basic rights, the villagers can't participate in the process of deciding biosecurity policy and measures in preventing chemical contamination that's harmful to lives.


DIR. Nopawat Likitwong

Tang, an intern at a recording studio, is preparing a music file for his boss to present to the client. The recorded song is about raising awareness on climate change but Tang finds that something is wrong in the lyrics. He then tries to convince his boss to fix this first draft before the client arrives in a few hours.


DIRS. Stephanie Tangkilisan, Muhammad Fadli A documentary tells the story of Pola, a nickel miner and family man from Indonesia. Every day, he risks his life to feed his family, abandoning his dreams for the sake of his children’s future. For the last decade, his village has been transformed from an idyllic fishing village to a dusty red earth for the sake of the mineral nickel. Nickel is in everything the modern person uses, but it’s the key component in renewable batteries used in electric cars which are marketed as green. Through Pola’s eyes we see the dark side of green technology, paid for by Pola and his village.


DIR. Tanakit Kitsanayunyong A documentary about 'invisible dust' or lives of the Thai people living in the abyss of dust, people fighting for the Clean Air Act, people losing their beloved from lung cancer and air pollution, scientific and environmental researchers seeking solutions in this dustful land and the visual allegory of people's lives whirlwinding amidst the gray abyss of climate crisis.


DIR. Breech Asher Harani Using the ancient art of shadow puppetry, a young survivor narrates her community's experience coping from the mental and physical suffering caused by fatal Super Typhoons that hit the Philippines. Due to climate change and the rising sea temperature, typhoons are becoming frequent, stronger and deadlier. The film reminds us that the health of humanity depends on the health of the planet.


DIR. Yash Johari A documentary portrays found footage of a devastating event that happened in Kedarnath, India in 2013, where the heavy rainfall caused floods and landslides resulting in more than thousand deaths.

LOUNG: WANT TO GO OUTSIDE (หลง อยากออกไปข้างนอก)

DIR. Tumlung Songmuang

A cat named 'Loung' wants to go outside but life out there isn't what Loung expects.

MULTIVERSE OF MEKONG (แม่โขง - นฤมิต)

DIR. Patiparn Boontarig Multiverse of Mekong is a semi-experimental documentary that uses diverse data sets including satellite images, information on the internet and television news footage. These data sets are generated through programming and AI image processing that gather clear evidence and reflect the multidimensional impacts and changes happening in the Mekong river, from the first dam built... from past, present to future.


DIR. จิรภัทร วีณะคุปต์ Jiraphat Vinagupta Pleading voices from the forests.

ONE USE (เล็กน้อยมหาศาล)

DIR. Thanakorn Yangmeesuk In the near future, ghosts will come to life and wander around aimlessly seeking their meaning of existence while time slowly slips away.

PAD THAI (ผัดไทย)

DIR. วีรยา วิชยประเสริฐกุล Weeraya Vichayaprasertkul

"Pad Thai" is a documentary reflecting climate change through one of the most famous Thai dishes in the world.

PANARE, SHIP ON THE SHORE (ปะนาเระ เรือเล็กอาจจะไม่ได้ออกจากฝั่ง)

DIR. Napat Wesshasartar ‘Panare’ fishing community in Pattani is surrounded by sandy beaches and vast sea. Fishing is the main source of making a living for the people. This documentary explores the community's views on climate change, the impacts they experience and the adaptation methods they use to save local fisheries, the backbone of the community.

POET OF THE WILD (กวีแห่งพงไพร)

DIR. Shotipath Sriwattanatanyakorn 'Poet of the Wild' tells a story of two buildings and two girls. While two buildings observe humans, lives, nature as well as the distance between these lives, a girl tries to get away from the chaos and haste of Bangkok that remind her of a promise she made with another girl.


DIR. Emir Aytemür The Sun shines, ice melts A polar bear on its own A child cries out ah! The haiku poem you read above is the core of the "Scream For Ice". And the narrative form of the animation is based on the poem.


DIRS. Nandini Rao, Nirupa Rao, Kalp Sanghvi

A little girl stumbles into a sacred grove near her village in south India. She disturbs the spirit of the forest, who takes her on an adventure to illuminate the origins of this ancient swampland: from Gondwanaland, through the times of her ancestors, up to the present day.


DIR. JANG Seung-wook

It is just another ordinary day. The house is filling up with water.


DIR. Krongkan Kiangphalak

Ka Ber Din, a Pwo Karen community in the mountainous Omkoi district, Chiang Mai, is known for its water resource. People have been living interdependently in this community but one day they have to stand up and fight to save their forest homeland.

THE COMMUNITY LIVELIHOOD WITH THE CONCERN OF FLUORITE MINING (วิถีชุมชนกับความกังวลจากเหมืองแร่ฟลูออไรต์)

DIR. Kritsadapan Hongarthan, Chalefun Ditphudee Huai Makok, a village of a Karen Sako community in Mae Hong Son province, is being affected by the new fluorite mining project in Mae La Noi district. They're now conducting public hearings to be included in the Environmental Impact Assessment report. From this dispute, the villagers come together to fight and oppose the project.

THE FARMER (ชาวนานักวิจัย)

DIR. Sirithan Laowakul

Cheng is a young local politician from Nakhon Sawan, the province where the Chao Phraya river begins. She experienced the worst flood in 2011 where her village was flooded for months. As a documentary photographer, she goes out to follow a story of farmers who are developing new rice varieties that are resilient to extreme weather, drought and floods. But there is no law supporting what they're doing.


DIRS. Marc Aziz Ressang, Nathaniel Brown

สารคดีถ่ายทอดชีวิตความเป็นอยู่ของชาวบ้านใน 3 หมู่บ้านบนเกาะชวากลางของประเทศอินโดนีเซีย ที่ปัจจุบันหมู่บ้านเหล่านั้นกำลังจมลงสู่ทะเลอย่างหลีกเลี่ยงไม่ได้


DIR. Nichapa Nisabdi

A story of a woman who tries to bring balance to the world by becoming a vegetarian and owning a small vegan restaurant in Chiang Mai that invites people to start a 'food subscription' and relearn about lives and the world.


DIR. Zayan Agha

The Round Lake is about two sisters, Hafsa and Noreen, who live in a community without running tap water and so they fight desperately trying to locate enough water to stay alive.


DIR. Farnoosh AbediIn the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private.

TO DUST AND DROUGHT (ดิน น้ำ จม ฝุ่น)

DIR. Jittinont Sujjakulvanich Waking up from a nightmare about a collapsing world where Nont seeing his mom dying in front of him, he realizes that the images from the dream are a VR simulation drawing on his memories to recreate images of his loved one. Nont decides to buy this technology so he can visit his mom who had long gone.


DIRS. Suttiruk Singcharee Nattida Kiatdamnoennga A group of university students from a filmmaking club decides to participate in a short film competition on the topic "Together we save the world. We save our home". Since they know nothing about this topic, they create a climate crisis situation to explore its impacts.


DIRS. Siwakorn srikhammoum, Supitchaya thamsaengchote Afra and Zale are close friends who live in a floating city due to a devastating flood. The city keeps falling apart day by day until Ocean people come to give them a life-changing offer.

US (ונחנא)

DIRS. Nika Zhukova, Eli Hofman

แอนิเมชันสำรวจความสัมพันธ์ระหว่างมนุษย์กับธรรมชาติผ่านท่วงท่าการเต้นรำที่นำเสนอความเห็นแก่ตัวมนุษย์และผลที่ตามมา “US” explores the relationship between humanity and nature. This dance shows a perspective on egoism and its consequences on us.


DIR Panngoen Phicitbanchong

A "documentary" interviewing friends about climate change.


DIR. Shyam Karki

A little red panda, a rare species, has become homeless as a result of the recent 16-day wildfire in the Nepali mid-hills, yet one more of a growing number of symptoms of the climate crises that spares no human nor animal.



DIR. Supavit Sirisawadwattana After China closed its doors on imports of plastic waste from around the world, a massive pollution problem occurred since the garbage’s destination has changed to Thailand where many Saleng (trash collectors) are quitting their job. Thailand is soon to become the new world's landfill site.


DIRS. Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel

In Corsica, a woman chooses to care for the earth by burning it.


DIRS. Evgenia Arbugaeva, Maxim Arbugaev

On a remote coast of the Siberian Arctic in a wind-battered hut, a lonely man waits to witness an ancient gathering. But warming seas and rising temperatures bring an unexpected change, and he soon finds himself overwhelmed.



DIR. Jennifer Abbott

When Jennifer Abbott lost her sister to cancer, her sorrow opened her up to the profound gravity of climate breakdown. Abbott’s new documentary The Magnitude of All Things draws intimate parallels between the experiences of grief—both personal and planetary. Stories from the frontlines of climate change merge with recollections from the filmmaker’s childhood on Ontario’s Georgian Bay. What do these stories have in common? The answer, surprisingly, is everything. For the people featured, climate change is not happening in the distant future: it is kicking down the front door. Battles waged, lamentations of loss, and raw testimony coalesce into an extraordinary tapestry, woven together with raw emotion and staggering beauty that transform darkness into light, grief into action.

About CCCL Film Festival

CCCL Film Festival is a platform for Thai youth and communities to share their stories of climate impact, resilience, inspiration, and innovation. Founded in 2019, CCCL aims to raise awareness about climate change through the power of short films and inspire action in Thailand and Asia. We organize year-round activities and offer a limited number of filmmaking grants and mentorship to young aspiring filmmakers.


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