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CCCL Sets to Screen Mekong Short Films at the Mekong: the Mother of River Week

CCCL is screening short films from the 2021 CCCL Panorama: Mekong supported by U.S. Embassy Bangkok at the Mekong: the Mother of River Week organized by the Community Organization Council Network of 7 Northeastern Provinces In Mekong River Basin Association (ComNet Mekong) from August 11-14 at the old Nongkhai governor's residence.

Special screening with director Q&A!

on August 12 at 7:30 PM.

DEAR KHRAI, FROM NOWHERE by Kittikhun Seniwong Na Ayutthaya

A documentary about the disappearance of a plant called “Queen of Mekong” that has changed the lives of people around Mekong River — a coffee shop that used to have a gorgeous view of the river and the plant, a boat driver who had the plant as a selling point, and the villagers whose convenience stores were on the river.

MEANDERING by Jakkrapan Sriwichai

Set in the year 2090, a writer discovers his family’s mysterious egg that morphs into a woman who asks him to bring her back to the Mekong river, her native land. The writer must embark for a place that might no longer exist.

MULTIVERSE OF MEKONG by Patiparn Boontarig

Multiverse of Mekong is a semi-experimental documentary that uses diverse data sets including satellite images, information on the internet and television news footage. These data sets are generated through programming and AI image processing that gather clear evidence and reflect the multidimensional impacts and changes happening in the Mekong river, from the first dam built... from past, present to future.

THE CORN AND I by Sedthawut Inboon

The story of "Corn", a boy who lives by the Mekong River with his father. When his father begins to plant corn in his own garden, the boy starts to see that things are changing.

THE FOREVE BLUE MOON by Thaniya Chaikham

A short film that tells the story of a fisherman trying to find a giant Mekong catfish that disappeared from the river and the memories of the villagers, and the sound of a strange stone that calls him every day, but all events lead to the same end.


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