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CCCL Student Ambassadors 2021


Over 2 months the artists had participated in advisory sessions with the CCCL team to navigate their creativity and amplify their voice as an artist creating artworks about climate change. Their messages revolve around their experiences, as young people, about climate change: the impacts it has on them and their views on the topic. 


From digital paintings to experimental artworks, the artists participating in this program include Ploysai Kumyod (handcraft with painting), Piroon Sansanayuth (experimental installation), Waranya Mamungkhung (photo collection), Patcharaporn Uraporn (Doodle art), Yatip Yangyubon (digital painting), Parawisa Taenrin (mixed media collage), Supachai Audkham (collected poems and short stories), Chollatorn Yongyukantorn (music and animated video), and Felix Watanabe (digital painting)

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