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10 Projects selected for CCCL Panorama: Gulf of Thailand

May 22, 2023 - Bangkok, Thailand — Changing Climate, Changing Lives (CCCL) Film Festival announced today 10 short film projects selected for the second edition of CCCL Panorama, a workshop specifically designed for young and emerging filmmakers. Taking place between June 2-4, 2023 in Bangkok, all 20 participants will have the opportunity to explore and discuss the impacts on coastal communities in the Gulf of Thailand and other important and relevant issues, receive exposure to climate films, and learn about climate filmmaking from professional filmmakers.

The selected projects include

ณ ค่ำคืนนั้นทะเลได้เปลี่ยนไป (WORKING TITLE)

DIR. Atipat Lertkornkitja

PROD. Usicha Udomsak

Everyone says that the sea is a place for those who want to escape either heat or love. On the coast of the sea, Nont meets a strange girl. The two discuss about coastal erosion, sea wall, broken hearts and what remains.


ทฤษฎีแพลงก์ตอนขยับปีก (THE PLANKTON EFFECT)

DIR. Kawin Sirichantakul

PROD. Araya Suwannathot

THE PLANKTON EFFECT is about a small creature floating along the waves of the Gulf of Thailand called 'plankton'. The tiny species have a great influence on the ecosystem.



DIR. Jessada Khimsook

PROD. Anchan Achaisri

A short documentary film is about the impact of a giant concrete called "Seawall" at Pak Nam Pran Sea.

This has a significant impact on the environment surrounding the shore, which includes living plants and animals. The document will explore the impact and issues associated with the global crisis from the perspectives of the academic community and the general public.


ภาพเปลี่ยนโลก (SHUTTER SPEED)

DIR. Paparvarin Sungkaew

DP. Kantapong Koedthip

A new journalist named Ing Fah is tasked with reporting on situations in the Gulf of Thailand. On the site, she discovers an unexpected thing. In order to uncover the riddle, she, her brother Nawat, and her colleague Praefa must travel to a mystical whirlpool.


เดอะ แมน ฟอร์ม อนาเธอร์ เวิลด์ (THE MAN FROM ANOTHER WORLD)

DIR. Pakapot Deesalid

ASST. DIR. Chananon Sriphueng

Two teenagers named Field and Fon run into "Captain," a mysterious young boy who carries a book that has information about the changes in the Gulf of Thailand along with a collection of images showing Field's father as a youngster, and a device that will reveal something that Field never imagines.


ภาพมินิ(แอนิ)มอล (MINI(ANI)MAL PHOTOGRAPH)

DIR. Athinan Akkam

DP. Sarocha Wisetkunatham

When fireflies, lucky wild animals, or a symbol of prolificness are all considered to be an"abomination" in this town. Saengdao, a dedicated reporter has to travel to the area to find the truth.


มานีไม่ชอบกินไข่ต้ม (MANEE DOESN'T LIKE BOILED EGGS)

DIR. Jakkaphat Rungsang

PROD. Achiraya Ninomiya

Real-life Patee characters. Coastline and sea waves in the Gulf of Thailand. Sea creatures fighting in English. The three relationships are strangely linked.



DIR. Jirat Lertsetthapan

DIR. Sahapat Sukarasamit

The inheritance of the salt fields from his late grandfather caused Nont to return to his hometown. There he met Uncle Chai, who is Grandpa's longtime friend and a keeper of the salt fields. The meeting of the two who have different ideas leads to a mutual understanding of labor, suffering, and the environment.


ทะเลที่(ไม่)มีปลาทู (NO PLA(CE) TOO)

DIR. Chrismas Kerdsak

PROD. Kumalee Thong-im-boon

Mackerel is an important economic animal and has been popular for Thai consumption for a long time, especially Mae Klong Mackerel from Samut Songkhram Province. At present, Mae Klong mackerel population has decreased dramatically and the price has increased due to coastal pollution, climate change, and human activities. What will happen when the mackerel that Thai people are familiar with and know decreases in number until it disappears from the waters of the Gulf of Thailand?


อาถรรพ์ทะเล (THE MYSTERIOUS SEA)

DIR. Nakrit Sarapat

PROD. Supichaya Jailee

A theater director "Tor" creates a play called The Mysterious Sea which is based on a local folktale about "Tin", a mysterious human-like creature with a muddy body and eyes and mouth covered with a mangrove-dyed cloth that could not be removed.


About CCCL Film Festival

CCCL Film Festival is a platform for Thai youth and communities to share their stories of climate impact, resilience, inspiration, and innovation. Founded in 2019, CCCL aims to raise awareness about climate change through the power of short films and inspire action in Thailand and Asia. We organize year-round activities and offer a limited number of filmmaking grants and mentorship to young aspiring filmmakers.

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