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CCCL Film Festival Announced 10 Young Thais To Join the 2022 CCCL Student Ambassadors Program

With the support of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), Embassy of Canada to Thailand, the CCCL Film Festival selected 10 young artists who are interested in amplifying climate change impacts through artworks in the program “CCCL Student Ambassadors 2022.”

The student ambassadors were chosen from a broad pool of candidates applying to the program in July. Selected young artists will be participating in an artist development program, combining a mentorship program with the CCCL team and varied workshops about art and climate issues in October. All artworks produced in this project will be exhibited at the 2023 CCCL Film Festival in mid-February 2023.

The 2022 CCCL Student Ambassadors are:

Danai Chatyingyongkun

I’m in grade 12 at Triam Udom Suksa school. I always love reading, especially literature and poems. For me, poems are like a reservoir of feelings and experiences kept in letters. Other than this, I love cats, clouds that lay in the sky, and raisins. I don’t like desserts with coffee flavor. I’m now trying to play Khim and hope that I can understand nature better not only through scientific lens but also artistic lens.

Nara Phonpraserth

My name is Aim. I’m in grade 12 studying in the EPTS program at Patumwan Demonstration School. I have been playing music since I was very young and that has gradually developed into my interest. I play violin, piano and I also sing. This is the reason why I want to do this kind of work. I believe that music can speak to everyone and it can be a medium of communication in helping deliver our messages. I really enjoy participating in activities such as speech contests, essay contests, clubs, sports and other recreational activities.

I became interested in climate change when I was in grade 7. I joined The Climate Club that consists of students interested in climate change and our planet. I am the club president this year.

Bussaba Chatubhornpipat

My name is Prae. My friends call me “Bus” taken from my first name. I’m very into art and now exploring chalk colors. I didn’t like it as it was a bit messy but here I am… enjoying it very much. I have been creating many artworks with chalk colors lately. I also submitted them to competitions. I’m gradually developing my skills and currently learning to draw on iPad as well, which is a bit difficult as I just started. But I’ll keep going!!!

Passa-on Jesdpiyawong

My name is Poomai and I am 8 years old studying at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside. My favorite hobby is reading. I mostly read fantasy books but also other subjects that peak my interest such as Greek mythology, history, and science. Other than that some of my hobbies are listening to music and playing the piano. I have been passionate about the Climate Crisis for a while now and have participated in clubs like the climate crisis club which raised money for organizations helping the climate crisis. I’m currently in a club that aims to make our school more Eco-friendly and we’re working on different campaigns. I recently wrote an essay on our ignorance of global warming and lack of action.

Khingchat Chatkul Na Ayutthaya

My name is Khingchat and I am studying at Saraburi Wittayakhom school. I’m interested in art, media, film and animation. My experience in creating media and artworks might not be extensive but I won some awards in the past. I’m currently looking for more opportunities to gain experience and develop my skills and work.

Jeda Jesdpiyawong

My name is Jeda, I am 10 years old, I am in grade 4 and I study at Singapore International School Of Bangkok (SISB). My favorite hobby is drawing, because I love to draw out scenes, also because I create many crafts. I have joined several art competitions before. My other interest is reading, I especially love fictional stories about magic and adventures. I love it because it expands my knowledge, increases my imagination and relaxes me during stress. I have also participated in a Robot Creation Contest, where I have built an eco-friendly trash-collecting robot. During traveling around the globe, I have acknowledged the importance of the Climate Change situation and how it has been a serious problem that has been ignored far too long.

Krittatchanatt Intharat Wahim

My name is Khaotu. I’m 18 years old and studying in grade 12 at The Prince Royal’s College Chiang Mai. Photography is my hobby and career. I like to take cinematic photography. I’m currently learning various styles of photography. In my free time, I love to color grade videos and make music. My past experience includes both photography and videography. One of my works was featured in Sarakadee Magazine which was Behind The Scene photos.

Thapani Pahusee

I’m in grade 12 studying at Chaiyaphum Pukdee Chumpol school. Before this I didn’t realize that I enjoyed doing activities very much until the COVID-19 hit. I had to attend online classes which allowed me to try doing other things including joining the work with SDGs for People. I was producing communication materials in different formats that allow the audience to understand better. This work gave me more awareness about climate change.

I want to bring these resources and information that I have done and turn them into a new format that I never worked on before which is drawing. I don’t get to draw quite often. Working with CCCL will be an opportunity to challenge myself. I want to work hard on this one and to hopefully make people understand more about what I intend to deliver. I previously joined Saturday School 11.

Tuskin Hajisalah

My name is Tuskin. I’m in grade 12 studying at Buranakarn Suksa school in Pattani. I’m interested in different forms of art. For example, a drawing that reflects today's society or expresses different feelings.

I usually participated in small school projects. CCCL (Student Ambassadors) will be the first major project that I participate in, with an aim to be a part in protecting and preserving the environment as well as developing my skills.

Benchamin Traitinnawai

My name is Ben Benjamin. I’m 14 years old and in grade 9 at Potisarnpittayakorn School. My family consists of my dad, my mom, me and my brother, the dog. I grew up in a family that loves animals and making art. My dad’s hobby is drawing and my mom’s is singing. I became interested in art at an early age. I started studying music when I was in secondary school and I knew then that I wanted to be a musician.

I have created my YouTube channel as a way of practicing and developing my skills. My first performance was at the KPN music school where I won the Popular Vote. My speciality is fingerstyle. I later on joined a Youth Pride event at the BACC which I was very excited about.


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