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CCCL Film Festival 2024 Announces Award Winners

February 23, 2024 - Bangkok — CCCL Film Festival announced the award winners for its 4th edition at Alliance Française Bangkok on Sunday, February 18, 2024. This year it marked the first time for the festival's short film competition to award Asian short films. The awards were given in multiple categories, including the ury Awards (in documentary and non-documentary categories), the Youth Jury Award, the Audience Award, and the Young Filmmaker Award. The jury members include Dr.Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn (Lecturer, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University), Thida Plitpholkarnpim (Founder of Documentary Club), and

Dr.Piriya Uraiwong (Consultant, specializing in water resources management, river basin planning, climate change adaptation, and water diplomacy). The youth jury members include Possathorn Watcharapanit (film director), Wichaya Punsawat (GYBN Thailand volunteer), Jaiwad Charoenwattanasuk (editor at Green Youth Thailand), and Lamuetor Dangdaenwiman (volunteer in the fields of human rights).

The award ceremony on the last day of the festival was hosted by Nirodha "Earth" Ruencharoen. CCCL Film Festival thanks our sponsors and partners for their continued support and for presenting the awards. The award presenters included Fransiskus Tarmedi (Program Coordinator for Regional Dialogue, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Southeast Asia), Malaurie Carras (Manager of the Department of Culture, Alliance Française Bangkok), Kathryn Bimson (Programme Officer, Water and Wetlands IUCN Asia Regional Office, and CCCL Advisory Board member), Mrs. Irina Goryunova (Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Thailand), Andreas Klempin (Regional Project Manager for Science & Educational Media at the Goethe-Institut), Nopawat Likitwong (Production Sound Manager, One Cool Sound Studio Co.,Ltd), Busakorn Suriyasarn (CCCL Advisor), Christopher G. Moore (founder of CCCL Film Festival).

Award winners

Youth Jury Award (cash prize 20,000 THB)

AVOCADO ON PANCAKES directed by Chinanang Tamrongtanakijakarn Jury statements:

"With a story and characters that are relatable, and clever script about human issues and climate change, this movie is a treat and will make viewers question their lives."


Young Filmmaker Award (cash prize 20,000 THB)

EVERYTHING IS FINE directed by Areeya Jitaree


Audience Award (cash prize 20,000 THB)

THE STORY OF THE LEATHERBACK) directed by Dr. Alongkot Chukaew



Grand Jury Prize (cash prize 50,000 THB)

AVOCADO ON PANCAKES directed by Chinanang Tamrongtanakijakarn

Jury statements:

"What makes this film stand out is its skillful use of humor to tell the serious issues. The storytelling's focus on the problems of climate and the environment through an urban setting sets the film apart, providing a fresh perspective on this issue that is quite impressive." - Thida Plitpholkarnpim

"Accessible, emotional, and fueled by passionate dialogues – a cinematic gem that engages effortlessly. - Dr.Piriya Uraiwong

Jury Prize (cash prize 30,000 THB) THE SWALLOWING SEA directed Afif Fahmi

Jury statements: "This is a film with inventive storytelling and a well-crafted screenplay that is engaging and entertaining. It presents the subject matter very effectively." - Thida Plitpholkarnpim

"Magnificent! A captivating narrative with compelling content." - Dr.Piriya Uraiwong

Special Mention (cash prize 15,000 THB)

OLD TIMES directed Chaela Tordilo

Jury statements:

"The issue presented in the film is serious and poignant. The film presented it concisely and straightforwardly, yet it still managed to help viewers understand and engage with the issue successfully." - Thida Plitpholkarnpim

"Exquisite, flawless, brimming with emotion, and rich with innovative ideas." - Dr.Piriya Uraiwong



Grand Jury Prize (cash prize 50,000 THB)

MIWATARI directed Yusuke Ono

Jury statements:

"MIWATARI is a film that is complete and comprehensive in every aspect - from production design to its conceptualization and its presentation. The film successfully managed to tell a compelling and relatable story. It effectively makes viewers feel and connect with issues that are much larger than what we saw in the film." - Thida Plitpholkarnpim

"We must be humbler to the nature. The unfolding story is eloquently woven together through a blend of facts and beliefs, creating an extraordinary short film." - Dr.Piriya Uraiwong

Jury Prize (cash prize 30,000 THB)

คนหลังเขา (CORDILLERA SONGS) directed Issaree Arunprasert Jury statements:

"The main questions raised by this film resonated particularly with urban viewers who are distanced from the issue. The presentation of the film was also intriguing as it used observational documentary footage to invite and challenge viewers to discover answers for themselves through their own eyes." - Thida Plitpholkarnpim

"Less is more. This short film is a delicate yet powerful masterpiece. The visuals are beautifully raw, yet deeply heartfelt. I thoroughly enjoyed it." - Dr.Piriya Uraiwong

Special Mention (cash prize 15,000 THB)

THE WHOPPER (โกหกคำโต) directed WeeraphanThavorn Jury statements:

"This film is masterly crafted as a social and political documentary. Within a short period, we viewers come to understand the origins of the problem and its urgency. It is not difficult to empathize with the villagers' struggle. The feeling after finishing the film is about empowerment, acknowledging that this problem cannot be delayed any longer. In this regard, the film achieves its purpose beautifully." - Thida Plitpholkarnpim

"Implementing intensity and power, this short film raises compelling questions that demand answers." - Dr.Piriya Uraiwong

Congratulations to all filmmakers who submitted many excellent films in this year’s competition. Kudos to the award winners and all finalists whose films made it to screening at the festival. See you again next year!


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