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CCCL Rewind: A whole year of climate storytelling.

As the year 2022 is coming to an end, we would like to take a look back at our programs and activities.

In the past year, CCCL Film Festival has organized several programs and activities. Starting with the 2022 CCCL Film Festival, which is the 2nd time the CCCL hosted its flagship event. The CCCL's program partner Heinrich Böll Stiftung Southeast Asia returned for the third year in a row to support the CCCL Film Grants program, offering 5 film production grants for the program's recipients. The Panorama Grant program, supported by the U.S. Embassy Bangkok and CCCL's donors, also provided 4 production grants to emerging filmmakers whose films discussed the impacts of climate change in the Mekong communities. This project is a continuation of last year's pitching at the 2021 CCCL Panorama: Mekong forum. Furthermore, the CCCL also received support from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), implementing the CCCL Student Ambassadors Program and CCCL Film Tours in Chiang Mai, Mahasarakham and Songkhla.

In addition to the 5 main programs, CCCL also developed a video platform "CCCL Library" showcasing films and art collections related to climate change. The CCCL also created the SOS: Subjects on Screen, a collection of articles about climate issues for artists to use as a source of information for films. Lastly, CCCL distributed its short films to international film festivals and events. This year the film "WE AND THE WOODS" won 3rd prize in a short film competition at Yale University. The film also received an honorable mention at Earth Future Festival organized in conjunction with UNESCO while the documentary "JOURNEY OF WISDOM" was selected as a finalist at this festival. The documentary "SOUNDS OF THE FIELD" was screened at the Southeast Asia Center at the University of Washington and screened at the Bangkok Open-air Film Festival alongside the documentary "BEHIND THE WALL"


  • 350+ artists and communities have joined CCCL Film Festival.

  • 6 short film projects funded through CCCL Film Grants.

  • 4 short film projects funded through CCCL Panorama.

  • 10 youths participated CCCL Student Ambassador.

  • 100+ youths and individuals participated in CCCL Film Tours across 3 provinces.

  • Short films on CCCL Library have been watched over 6,000 times.

  • The SOS: Subjects on Screen articles have been viewed over 500+ times.

  • CCCL-supported short films have been screened at events and international film festivals.

This couldn't be possible if we don't have support from our sponsors, partners, the CCCL's board members and YOU! Our team would like to thank everyone for your continued support. We wish everyone happiness and good health. Happy New Year!


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