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CCCL Film Festival Set To Screen 33 Asian ShortsAbout Climate Change at Alliance Française Bangkok

February 7, 2022 - Bangkok — Changing Climate Changing Lives (CCCL) Film Festival, operating under the umbrella of Sang Foundation, organizes the 2nd annual CCCL Film Festival, taking place on February 19, 2022 at the Alliance Française Bangkok. This year’s film festival will spotlight 33 groundbreaking short films about climate change selected from more than 350 submissions. Of the 33 titles, 20 short films are from Thailand, 13 films represent 9 Asian countries, with 17 world premieres. The selected short films include a documentary by Phapop Saengkong’s SOUND OF THE FIELD which captures conversations among Huai Hut farmers during the growing season in Uttaradit, Ittipan Pomkaew’s THE LAST WHALES, a documentary about a wildlife photographer who tries to amplify the importance of whale conservation, Natthan Krungsri’s DEPORTU, a short film about a man from the Karen tribe seeking the way to protect his homeland forest, Hans Piozon’s AN EIDOLON NAMED NIGHT, an experimental film that presents a connection between humans and nature, Li-Wei Hsu’s EGG an animated short about a man living in the post-apocalyptic world that is full of plastic, and a 12-year-old Ema Poposka’s THE LIVING SEA, a documentary about the resilient coral reef ecosystems in Hong Kong. See the complete lineup of this year’s selections below.

The CCCL Film Festival will also host an award ceremony to recognize compelling and impactful stories about climate change and honor emerging filmmakers at 8:00 PM on the same day of the event. The awards are divided into two categories: Documentary and Non-Documentary. The grand jury prize of each category will receive 50,000 Baht, the first runner up will receive 30,000 Baht, and the second runner up will receive 15,000 Baht. The jury members are Chalida Uabumrungjit (Director of Thai Film Archive), Chayanin Tiangpitayagorn (Film Critic), and Chessada Sakulku (Director of Information Technology and Corporate Communication Office, Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization). During the event, the CCCL Student Ambassadors, consisting of Thai students from diverse backgrounds, will announce the youth jury award. The audience award will also be presented at the event.

In addition to the film screening, all attendees will be able to experience the art exhibition showcasing artworks from 9 emerging young artists from different regions of Thailand. From digital paintings to experimental artworks, the artists participating in this program include Ploysai Kumyod (handcraft with painting), Piroon Sansanayuth (experimental installation), Waranya Mamungkhung (photo collection), Patcharaporn Uraporn (Doodle art), Yatip Yangyubon (digital painting), Parawisa Taenrin (mixed media collage), Supachai Audkham

(collected poems and short stories), Chollatorn Yongyukantorn (music and animated video), and Felix Watanabe (digital painting).

To reserve free tickets to film programs and/or the award ceremony visit If you have any questions about attending the festival please contact

Official selections


Bangladesh, 4’

DIR. Mohammad Niyaz Hasan

PROD. Mohammad Niyaz Hasan

Water is a blessing. Let's not let it turn into a curse. The film depicts the importance of water and sustainable livelihoods.


Philippines, 13’

DIR. Hans Piozon

PROD. Hans Piozon

A filmmaker projects the dream of a mother, a child, a carabao, a farmer and his own dream.


Philippines, 8’

DIR. Fely Felicilda

PROD. siningko productions

Set in 2051, a fisherman and his son sail across an ocean seeking a dream.


Philippines, 2’

DIR. Jean A. Evangelista

PROD. Jean A. Evangelista

CITSALP is an animated film that shows the interconnected effects of plastic in our world and the responsible consumption and production of plastics.


Singapore, 3’

DIR. Zachary Yap

PROD. Ruonan Ma

A plastic bag washes up onto shore. There's nothing new under the sun.


Taiwan, 6’

DIR. Li-Wei Hsu

PROD. Li-Wei Hsu

EGG is an animated short telling a developing relationship between a man and a baby bird that brings hope to the decaying world.


Thailand, 15’

DIR. Jiratana Jiraudompon

PROD. Jiratana Jiraudompon

A gifted man who can hear nature singing attempts to find the special song that he hasn’t heard for a long while.


Indonesia, 3’

DIR. Mochamad Felix Febianto

PROD. Mochamad Felix Febianto

In an era of pandemic and climate crisis, farmers encounter several agricultural issues including food security. This has been a growing issue in recent years and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.


Thailand, 15’

DIR. Karan Wongprakarnsanti

PROD. Karan Wongprakarnsanti

Suffering from lung cancer, Nut wants to go on a trail in the forest with his mom, Vassana, in search for his memories of his beloved dad. As they collect memories, they feel the love and the pain.


Thailand, 8’

DIR. Panitarn Boontarig

PROD. Issaree Arunprasert

Ladprao canal, once clean, is now full of waste. For the volunteers who wake up every day to remove the trash from the canal, they have high hopes that one day the canal will be clean and unpolluted as in the old days.


India, 5’

DIR. Dev Meher

PROD. Dev Meher

Prithvi Manthan (Skimming of the Earth) is an analogy of over-exploitation for natural resources to meet our greed and unsustainable lifestyle.


India, 2’

DIR. Delwyn Jude Remedios

PROD. Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

SAVE OUR SPECIES expresses the harm done to our planet’s species with relation to poaching, pollution, and deforestation.


Thailand, 15’

DIR. Chakrit Injak, Win Mongkolpetch

PROD. Apisit Pantawong

From catching food to crazy competitions, three lives insanely compete for prey.


Thailand, 5’

DIR. Methas Chantawongs

PROD. Methas Chantawongs

TEMPERATURE is an experimental film that plays with the overlapping of video footage, photos, and animation to create textures and colors that resemble the color temperature while showing how our everyday life could directly and indirectly cause the carbon footprint.


Myanmar, 8’

DIR. Rajesh Daniel

PROD. SUMERNET, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia

In Myanmar's arid central region, water is scarce. Climate change is worsening the situation. Local communities talk about their daily struggles to make a livelihood.


Thailand, 10’

DIR. Ittipan Pomkaew

PROD. Chanidapa Bousuwan

THE LAST WHALES follows 'Tour' Jirayu Ekkul, a wildlife photographer and owner of the whale watching tour, who tries to amplify the importance of whale conservation and the impacts of the whales to humans and the world.


Hong Kong, 15’

DIR. Ema Poposka

PROD. Kids$Kids

A 12-year-old scuba diver Ema sets on a quest to find out why corals around the globe are dying but somehow in Hong Kong they are more resilient.


Thailand, 14’

DIR. Phumchayanuth Mitrteeraroj

PROD. Phumchayanuth Mitrteeraroj

An ambitious woman dedicates everything to achieve her dream. Things seem to be going well until one day a snake slithers into her house. Little does she know that it is a warning sign that everything in the world, including her life, is going to change.


India, 2’

DIR. Pravin J

PROD. Department of Design, IIT Hyderabad

VR THE WORLD is an animated short film telling an imaginary situation that may happen in the near future where we are all on the verge of extinction because of the act of deforestation and urbanisation.


Thailand, 13’

DIR. Prapat Kemkote

PROD. Prapat Kemkote

Before having a nervous breakdown, a man must seek the answer on why his ex-girlfriend broke up with him.


Uzbekistan, 1’

DIR. Eldor Kudratillayev

PROD. Eldor Kudratillayev

The film follows a boy taking a long walk with a cup of water in his hand.


Thailand, 2’

DIR. Poramet Ariyakusonsuthi

PROD. Poramet Ariyakusonsuthi

In remembering dad on Memorial day, a man visits a place where he used to spend time with his father. He confronts an unexpected thing which reveals a sad truth about the world.


Thailand, 13’

DIR. Weeraphan Thavorn

PROD. Suthee Roungroj

As humans fall into a whirlpool of greed, a group of Karen people finds a way to connect nature and mankinds through their annual tribal ritual.

เด-ปอ-ทู่ (DEPORTU)

Thailand, 15’

DIR. Natthan Krungsri

PROD. Kringkarn Jaroenkul

Zeketu, a 25-year-old man from the Karen tribe, quits a job in Bangkok and travels back to his village after learning that the Deportu forest’s land could be replaced by a resort property. At his village, he encounters his former colleague, Jo, who works on the resort project. Zeketu must figure out a way to protect his homeland.

เบื้องหลังกำแพง (BEHIND THE WALL)

Thailand, 8’

DIR. Chonchanok Thanatteepwong

PROD. Patiparn Boontarig

BEHIND THE WALL stitches together a poem by the 2016 South East Asian (SEA) Writers Award finalist Rossanee Nurfarida and intellectual interviews of academics and people whose voices express the concerns of the shoreline erosion in Songkhla Province, caused by the hazard of coastal infrastructure.

ผีตาแฮก สารพันวัฒนธรรมข้าวทุ่งกุลาร้องไห้ (JOURNEY OF WISDOM)

Thailand, 8’

DIR. Thanawat Talsuk

PROD. Thanawat Talsuk

“Phi Ta Haak”, a local belief and tradition that is related to rice cultivation, is practiced among people in Ku Ka Sing, Roi Et province. The documentary portrays people’s belief and ritual in worshipping spirits that guard over the land, the soil, and the lives of people and show the benefits to the soil ecosystem.

ไฟ (FIRE)

Thailand, 8’

DIR. Chanintorn Pensute

PROD. Alyn Augsornworawat

The high level of PM 2.5 concentration has become a major issue that affects the lives of people in Chiang Mai. Without urgent actions to stop the problem, what will the future look like?


Thailand, 15’

DIR. Patipat Oakkharaphunrat

PROD. Jirasak Preechavirakul

A documentary focuses on three individuals who are committed to environmental development, showing the importance of urban design in building a friendly and sustainable environment, environmental studies in cultivating children to be friends with nature and youth voice in amplifying climate justice.

โลกร้อนคือไรพี่โลกร้อนแก้ไงป้า (MOTHER OF EARTH IS CRYIN’)

Thailand, 14’

DIR. Thidarat Weerana, Ittikorn nutikaewmongkol, Poon Sirapob

PROD. Thidarat Weerana

A mockumentary about a group of friends making a documentary about climate change for a climate change film festival.

สันติ (SAN-TI)

Thailand, 11’

DIR. Pongsak Khemthong

PROD. Pongsak Khemthong

SAN-TI focuses on exploring, reflecting, and questioning the way humans live their life and how their way of life unknowingly affects the environment and nature outside of their routine life. To make peace with nature, how much more we have to realize and take it seriously.

สุดสะแนน (SUD SANAN)

Thailand, 3’

DIR. Chyarop Roc Burapat, Taras Merenkov

PROD. Chyarop Roc Burapat, Taras Merenkov

From Kan to Clarinet, the sound of purification and expiation, SUD SANAN portrays that everything is always in motion, changing its color in the light of the stars and reflecting the world through their murmur and roar. Everything is connected, refreshing, and full of life.


Thailand, 12’

DIR. Phapop Saengkong

PROD. Suppanuttapon Sooksarn

A documentary unfolds conversations among Huai Hut farmers during the growing season in Uttaradit.

ห้วง (ABYSS)

Thailand, 1’

DIR. Napasjutha Kongsonthana, Phunyapa Suksomboon, Nannapat Jeamanukoolkit, Thitari Wittayathawornwong, Jibhassorn Laoluechai

PROD. Napasjutha Kongsonthana, Phunyapa Suksomboon, Nannapat Jeamanukoolkit, Thitari Wittayathawornwong, Jibhassorn Laoluechai

A man wakes up in the middle of the infinite ocean.


About CCCL Film Festival

CCCL Film Festival is a platform for Thai youth and communities to share their stories of climate impact, resilience, inspiration, and innovation. Founded in 2019, CCCL aims to raise awareness about climate change through the power of short films and inspire action in Thailand and Asia. We organize year-round activities and offer a limited number of filmmaking grants and mentorship to young aspiring filmmakers.


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