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Three CCCL Films To Be Screened at Blooming Bangkok, Glowing Bang Khun Thian

The Community Art Festival "Blooming Bangkok, Glowing BangKhunThian" will be held from November 26-27 at the Bang Khun Thian Learning Library, Bangkok.

The event will feature a workshop on environmental projects by UNDP team and an art workshop for youth by Khun Pun Darisa (Riety). In addition, CCCL will be showing 3 short films including FOREST-COAST-CITY, DREAMS OF A GREEN CITY, and THE LAST WHALES.

Free register at

If you bring your own lunchbox or water bottle, you will get a discount on food at the market in the event!


About the films


DIR. & PROD. Weeraya Vichayaprasertkul

A documentary reflecting the beauty of three small groups of people in Thailand; people in the city, along the coast and in the forest. Each group has their own methods in helping to reduce CO2 and Methane which are two of the gasses responsible for global warming.


DIR. Patipat Oakkharaphunrat

PROD. Jirasak Preechavirakul

A documentary focuses on three individuals who are committed to environmental development, showing the importance of urban design in building a friendly and sustainable environment, environmental studies in cultivating children to be friends with nature and youth voice in amplifying climate justice.


DIR. Ittipan Pomkaew

PROD. Chanidapa Bousuwan

THE LAST WHALES follows 'Tour' Jirayu Ekkul, a wildlife photographer and owner of the whale watching tour, who tries to amplify the importance of whale conservation and the impacts of the whales to humans and the world.


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